Carol Smith Millinery - Exclusive Custom-Made Hats & Headpieces Hat hire also available
Carol Smith has been in business for over 10 years. She studied Fashion Design in Dublin at the Grafton Academy and Millinery at the London College of Fashion. Carol has received large amounts of press coverage such as:
‘Off the Rails’- R.T.E. 1,  ‘TVAM’-TV3,  ‘The Afternoon Show’- R.T.E. 1 also national papers, Irish and U.K magazines .She has worked with various leading Irish designers, including Richard Lewis, Aine Mc Donnell and Thomas Wolfangel for their seasonal fashion shows.
Her commissions include National Museum of Ireland-Collins Barracks, film and theatre shows such as ‘The Importance of being Ernest’ in the Gaiety and many more, high profile clients as well as mother-of-the- bride and ladies day hats for prospective winners.
During her years in business Carol has won various competitions for her headwear such as 1 prize E.B.S. craft competition in the R.D.S., nominated for Muriel Gahan award,’ Best hat’ and ‘Best Dressed’ at the Galway races, Dubai races, Punchestown, The Horse Show-R.D.S.etc. and winner of the “Accessory” award at Derby day in the Curragh.
Carol’s design expertise in addition to hats include redesign of the interiors of ‘Ballyknockan Guesthouse and cookery School’, renovation of ‘Croneybyrne Courtyard Holiday Homes’ and promotions for food companies new products such as ‘Danone yogurt’.
All hats and headpieces are designed to the specifications of each client. They are dyed, shaped, decorated and embellished by hand for clients’ tastes. 
Need Millinery advice: If so please do not hesitate in contacting us for an appointment where you will be able to try on different styles with your outfit or get a hat/ head piece designed especially for you. You can also send us a photo if there is something in particular you require. 
Location: Carol’s studio is based in Clara Vale near Glendalough/Ashford in Co. Wicklow.   The studio is set in her Holiday Homes.
We individually dye all of our colours. Just send on your fabric sample or bring along your outfit. 
For hats only : We can measure your head for you or you can get someone to measure it and send on the details. 
Measure the circumference of your head by wrapping a measuring tape gently around your head just above top of the ears and approximately 1 inch above your eyebrow, making certain the tape lies midway on your occipital bone (that little bump in the middle of the back of your head).
Don't pull the tape too tightly or your hat will fit that tightly.
Measure 2 or 3 times to be accurate.
You now have your head (hat) size.
Please measure in inches!! 
All headpieces are usually worn by a narrow hair band or a comb.           
Carol Smith Millinery, CroneybyrneCourtyard, Clara Vale, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. E:   P: +87 2481134 / +40443101